Marriage and Relationship Counseling When I reached out to Blessing, our relationship was on the verge of collapse. After several sessions, there’s a renewed sense of hope and optimism in the house. My fiance and I still have long road ahead to recapture the level of intimacy we previously shared but Blessing has truly livedContinue reading “Michael P”

Michael P

The class was great and she’s very free to relate with, God bless you sis.

Favour O.

I actually stumbled across a Facebook post, where a free class on relationships was being offered and I immediately requested the information. I received a prompt response to my email as well as a follow link with all the zoom information needed. I was soo excited because I’ve been having these conversations with YAhweh inContinue reading “Marissa F.”

Marissa F.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling Me and my partner were in a bad space. Adjei was able to turn that around. With her delivery and solid important points that we tend to forget when we’re in the heat of the moment. She was neutral and gave the best advice to a healthy relationship. She checked onContinue reading “Michelle B.”

Michelle B.

She is so understanding and caring,shes not judgemental,she gave me a listening ear and helped me when I was at my lowest,my relationship was at a breaking point moving towards a divorce before I found her,I contacted her and she helped me turn my situation around, today,my husband is the most loving husband and IContinue reading “Precious C.”

Precious C.

Wow i really enjoyed the section because I have never added section like this,I appreciate her for sending me the link. I really learnt a lot her words calm my soul down I really appreciate you Madam Blessing keep on helping souls out there. abundance Blessing to you and your household 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

Mirabel O.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling We’ve had our first marriage counseling meeting with Blessing and she was on point from the start! Everything she brought up about communication and where we loss touch was right. My husband didn’t want to do this, I know he probably thought his pride would get damaged but she did greatContinue reading “Stephanie B”

Stephanie B

she is bringing so many home’s together.

Christiana O

She has saved my marriage. I spoke with her and she listened, gave us an assessment and worked with us. She was spot on, no beating around the bush and she provided all the insight we needed through the Bible and even gave us extra time to express our feelings. No one has ever beenContinue reading “Anna W”

Anna W

She is talented and wonderful.

Marvis F

She is a great teacher and marriage counsellor.

Charles I

I love her for the williness to share knowledge and impact relationships/lives. she is a great teacher, reliable and a Good listener .

Peace B.

She’s is selfless and reliable, a multitalented genius who makes necessary adjustments for the service of humanity.

Fortune E

she selfless, talented ,an awesome counsellor, and a great writer.

Favor A

With a sincere heart, I would like to say thank you for spending your valuable time with me. Your valuable advice, guidance and support was a huge help ma. With your in-depth understanding of what was causing our issues, I found your advice very helpful You are the best ma’am

Dorcas I

My family loves you woman of God, I call you woman of God because God uses u to heal souls & amend homes. You will live long…

Miracle O.

I highly recommend Blessing. She is very patient, knowledgeable, and truly cares. She has helped my fiancé and I out greatly and we will be using her services again.


Apart from your teachings, your way of life is a good example for the wise! Keep it up. When I re-marry, I will want my wife to be your friend!

James o

Eye opening.

Lorna W

I met Blessing on Thumbtack, my marriage was at a breaking point and my wife had moved upstairs waiting to file a divorce. She listened to me and also spoke to my wife who was hesitant about counseling, I do not know how she was able to convince her BUT THAT WAS A TURNING POINTContinue reading “Williams H”

Williams H

Had a great experience. She was very professional. Upon our initial meeting she ensured I was comfortable. I had scheduling issue but she was able to accommodate me. I enjoyed the session and cannot wait for another with her.

Petagaye L.

It felt to me like she’s an old friend. She’s so responsive and was always following up about my issues, giving her valuable guidence. She was always there for me, without any judgement, helped me getting clarity about my issues. I would definitely go to her again if I need, and would recommend her toContinue reading “Astha S.”

Astha S.

She is a great counselor and she will respond quickly to all your needs she gives great advice and I has a lot of knowledge on helping married couples on a brink of divorce I appreciate everything she has done for me and my spouse I hope she continues to help and bless people withContinue reading “John P.”

John P.

Excellent session! She gave very tangible, practical and real solutions.

David R.

My experience was great! The information was on time! We are already moving in the right direction. The principals Blessing Adjei gave us was very helpful. If you want a long lasting healthy marriage you are at the right place. I will definitely recommend her.

Robin C.

Blessing is amazing and she is very caring and understanding. She helps with values, compromising, and helping me and my fiancé to become better people.

Brandon M.

Me and my husband had one session so far and she made us feel comfortable discussing our issues..Blessing gave us some valuable tips on how to start improving our relationship we know we have a ways to go but we are on the right track and we are planning on having more sessions with her.

Roneshia M.

Really took the time to research what was important to my spouse and myself and came up with a great and effective plan. I feel like she saved my marriage in the span of an hour.

Skye d.

Blessing has been just that, a Blessing! After just one session of marital counseling I feel more positive about the trajectory of my marriage. She provides valuable input and actionable advice. She follows up and truly cares. We have tried several marriage counselors who seem to just be watching the clock the whole time. BlessingContinue reading “Shani M.”

Shani M.

We just started working with Blessing and she’s been incredible thus far!

Trisha D.

Blessing was a neutral voice we desperately needed. She genuinely cared about us and gave us both the opportunity to express ourselves. We left with helpful tips to true and hopefulness for the next stage of our relationship. She is a God sent.

Denise J.

Life Coaching My first session with Blessings was beyond amazing. She is very engaging, professional and most importantly a good listener. Blessings did something amazing which is getting a direct answer from my partner which very hard to do at times. Blessing was very direct and honest with her counseling and implement the bible whichContinue reading “Rita .H”

Rita .H

Marriage and Relationship Counseling From the first conversation we had I was spoken to in a way that made me feel comfortable. I’ve experienced nothing but compassionate and caring throughout our process. Blessing enjoys her work and you can see this when you speak with her. After our first session I am feeling more optimisticContinue reading “Krystal S.”

Krystal S.

Counselor Adjei will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the right tools to navigate your nuanced situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her. It helps that her tools are also rooted in the word of God.

Mo Dupe

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