Marissa F.

I actually stumbled across a Facebook post, where a free class on relationships was being offered and I immediately requested the information. I received a prompt response to my email as well as a follow link with all the zoom information needed. I was soo excited because I’ve been having these conversations with YAhweh in reguards to dealing with conflict and restoring the marital bliss into my home. I’ve listened to many podcast, talk with many people but no one have never given me such a clear and practical response. She said “ you teach your spouse by being an example”. So many times we look at our spouse and see a lot of things we will love for them to be better at, not knowing that they will change once we accept our role as the wife and walk in the fullness of who God has called us to be. This was the light switch that needed to be turned on in me. I’m looking forward to connecting with her and listening to more Podcast. Thank you so much. Marissa

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