My name is Blessing Adjei, I am a Wife, a Mom and a Christian. I have been helping couples achieve a desired relationship with their partners. With the support of my loving husband, I have been able to reach many of my clients worldwide with precious gems and God given skills, as I continue to lead a life worthy of emulation.

What People Say

Marissa F.

I actually stumbled across a Facebook post, where a free class on relationships was being offered and I immediately requested the information. I received a prompt response to my email as well as a follow link with all the zoom information needed. I was soo excited because I’ve been having these conversations with YAhweh in reguards to dealing with conflict and restoring the marital bliss into my home. I’ve listened to many podcast, talk with many people but no one have never given me such a clear and practical response. She said “ you teach your spouse by being an example”. So many times we look at our spouse and see a lot of things we will love for them to be better at, not knowing that they will change once we accept our role as the wife and walk in the fullness of who God has called us to be. This was the light switch that needed to be turned on in me. I’m looking forward to connecting with her and listening to more Podcast. Thank you so much. Marissa

Michelle B.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Me and my partner were in a bad space. Adjei was able to turn that around. With her delivery and solid important points that we tend to forget when we’re in the heat of the moment. She was neutral and gave the best advice to a healthy relationship. She checked on us the next day. She’s the sweetest I loved her session I would definitely recommend and will be seeing her again. Relationships are hard work and we tend to try to drill things into our partners and they don’t hear us. She was able to get both of us to listen and understand a lot more outside of us and our wants. Instead she gave us the tools we need to continue a healthy relationship.


She is so understanding and caring,shes not judgemental,she gave me a listening ear and helped me when I was at my lowest,my relationship was at a breaking point moving towards a divorce before I found her,I contacted her and she helped me turn my situation around, today,my husband is the most loving husband and I surprise him each day with my new qualities,my home is restored with so much love,I cant thank her enough (with tears in my eyes) may God bless you so much ma’am, for making me a proud and happy woman again,I am now she that has found favor in the eyes of her husband,everyone out there who need help should contact her without hesitation! Love you a bunch…

Let’s build something together.

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