It is okay to walk alone after a break up.

Hello sisters,

This photo caught my attention and I will like to elaborate on it. Please read the card again, she spoke to her Ex boyfriend or husband after 10 years and he wanted to find out if she was still single or married, but she had become a doctor. What an achievement!!!

You see, so many ladies have been hurt and treated badly by their Ex’s, some women have made a choice of rushing into another relationship immediately or jumping into another marriage because of fear of being single, fear of being ashamed or as a revenge to prove to your Ex that you are marriageable.

One point I will like to stand out is, it’s okay to walk alone for a while if you haven’t found someone who can love and appreciate you like your Ex didn’t. There’s no competition when it comes to relationship and marriage, remember that you’re getting involved with all of your heart and mind, the reason why a lot of women get depressed when the relationship turns out to be bellow their expectations.

Marriage is an achievement, it’s like one of the beautiful stuffs you upload on your resume to make it attractive and impressive, that resume here is your life. Remember, when a profession isn’t bringing you satisfaction, you’ll hardly count it as an achievement rather you will be looking to change career or involve yourself in something more lucrative, so is marriage.

Marriage is like a career, you should continue to build. If you jump into the wrong relationship or get committed in a very heart troubling marriage, you will not feel that satisfaction and you will be looking for peace and happiness else where or maybe opting for a divorce.

After a break up, instead of wishing you had an available man you can quickly jump into a relationship with, why not upgrade your life and improve your resume. Get busy with making yourself marketable and marriageable, humbly evaluate yourself and get to the root of why your relationship did not meet your expectations or why your partner did not see you as a good match. Honestly accept your flaws and make room for improvements, in that way you can emerge a better woman and a more capable wife.

Remember, when Boaz saw Ruth, she was working not twerking. (Ruth 2:17-19) . Sexiness is beautiful but a hardworking and independent woman is irresistible.
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When you are married or in a relationship, you will always think of ways you can make your man happy and feel loved by you. Most women settle for gifting options, which, though may be helpful but there are other ways to reach his heart. There are some gestures, which could mean a world to a man, here are a few of them, which are generally ignored by some women but can go a long way in keeping him connected to you.

1.Rub his head.Men love their heads being rubbed as often as you can, just like rubbing the head of a child signifies you approve of them or just for comfort. Men also want to feel loved and cared for, take your time to run your fingers through his head or hair, either in a circular motion or strokes. You can never go wrong with this show of affection.

2. Play with him.Don’t always talk about bills to pay, groceries to stock, things you need and the new stuffs the children need etc. You can play with your man in so many ways, like playing hide and seek, fooling around, dancing for him, giving him a surprise and dropping little love notes in his pocket.No matter how long you have been together, how old you are, how many children you have, you can still play with your man, you can even ask the children to join. Love should be fun, It’s not that serious.

3. Give him a massageYou can actually take turns to give each other a back rub or a massage. Work and other stress can weigh a person down and giving them a massage would be very well appreciated and maybe reciprocated. Massage can be hard work but It’s not a bad idea because your partner will thank you.

4. Holding hands Or cuddling Touch is a very important gesture in a relationship between a man and a woman. When you go out of your way to hold, touch, hug or cuddle with the one you love, you are sending a message that you truly care about them and you want to be around them.

5. Give him a manicure or pedicure This means helping him to clean his fingers and toes, these includes filling, clipping and moisturizing. Making out time from your busy day to attend to your mans needs and care for him as often as possible, will keep you both drawn to each other and also pave way for a better communication.6. Pray together A passion for God is the most attractive feature any woman or man can possess.Praying together is the most intimate act a couple can engage in, it draws you closer to your partner especially when you have God in your relationship.Any other thoughts? You can include yours too and don’t forget to practice. Thanks for reading 🙏